Financial Performance/PEV

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Hi Guys

Does anyone know what the difference is between PEV and the new unit Financial Performance?
I have the NVQ Book for PEV but wondering if I should purchase a new text book/workbook.
Or will the old one be just as good.
Any ideas guys?


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    Financial Performance

    On the AAT website, under Technician dropdown, it gives GUIDANCE / STANDARDS for the benefit of expanding all the parts of the syllabus.
    Have a look at Financial Performance one, and print it off. I revise by going thru each point, and making sure I'm aware of what is required. Tedious, yes, BUT I'm determined to pass this course!!
    I've found this great help to nail exactly WHAT will be examined in each CBA at this level, and can't recommend them highly enough......Take a look, and it may help you decide!

    Good luck, I've got my CBA on Thursday this week :D
  • anniebabe
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    Ok thanks, will have a look.
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    You deserve to do well.
    Time and again I hear students and (rather worryingly) lecturers complaining that something tested in an exam wasn't in the textbook they used.
    There is no substitute to looking at the standards and the guidance notes. I would add that the guidance notes are especially useful as they are thr interpretion of the standards by the examiner.
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