Class 4 NI and Pensions

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Hello, I am helping a family friend with his tax return and am a bit stuck.. he earned just over 40k this year and so overlapped into 40% bracket... he is under the cis scheme so claimed his travel... use of home... clothing... etc but obviously not materials etc as he buys none....

he received a pension lump sum but can not see where online i enter this info is this tax free?... also he hasnt paid any NI class4 through the year but approx is class 2.

Can anyone advise as he was hopeful of a rebate but now doesnt look likely.

any help appricated... my email is x


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    The pension lump sum may well be tax free - check the exact type of payment it was.

    Class 4 NI is paid along with income tax for the year via self assessment. Class 2 is paid within the year.
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