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Miss Dazy
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Hi, i'm just about to start taking the CBAs for level 4 with Kaplan. I passed all of level 3 under the diploma pathway except for Unit 15 Cash Management and Credit Control.

I have started Level 4 passing both personal and business taxation. I have noticed that an option for level 4 under the revised diploma is Credit Management and control.

Where will this leave me? Will i fully be on the final level now? With only the following to complete; Financial Statements, Budgeting, Financial Performance, Internal Control and Accounting Systems?

Any clarification on this would be appreciated.


  • uknitty
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    If you complete unit 15 under the old standards as part of level 3, then you only have to do one of the "optional" units at level 4 (from business tax, personal tax and auditing)

    I think if you sit unit 15 under the "new" standards then you will effectively be transferring to the new standards before completing level 3, and as such you will have to do the papers at the "new" level 3 that were not on the "old" version (spreadsheets).

    You now have until the end of September to finish of skills tests under the "old" standards so your best bet is to get unit 15 out of the way as a paper based skills test, and then transfer to level 4 under "new" standards.

    This is my understanding of the situation anyway !

    ETA: I am in exactly the same position as you - I have all of my skills tests marked as "competent" other than unit 15 - I have completed this unit, but its been sat in a pile of marking a Premier Training for 2 months with no sign of actually getting marked.
  • pirate
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    Hey uknitty

    when in the end did you send in your Unit 15, I know you mentioned the stuff re PT on other threads just curious on the day they have received it.
    They told me they are doing it in stict received order however I have been marked competent on a skills test I sent in after Unit 15.

    Am going to chase them once again today
  • uknitty
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    I spoke to them again today and once more they got really shirty with me and insisted that this "June to submit work" is a *NEW* thing by the AAT and they only found this out last Friday. I said I had an email from the AAT confirming that the date has always been June/December but still they told me that the person who sent the email must be mistaken ! *Rolls Eyes*

    No, they have not assigned my simulation yet. They have advised that if I am marked not competent that they wil guarantee time for me to do a resit before the September deadline which is something of a help I guess.

    I did advise that as long as I had a clear idea of when my work would be marked then I would go away and leave them be ! If its going to take another six weeks, then its going to take another six weeks - not much they can do about that but I don't see why they can't just be upfront about the turnaround time. The closest I could get to an answer was " I can definitely say that we positively might get it done by the end of July" . I kid you not.

    My AWS was sent in the second week of April and was marked competent on 26th May. Unit 15 was sent in last week of April
  • pirate
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    Yes this is exactly the same as me.
    AWS sent by mid April marked competent end of May ish still needs to go through the verification process.
    Unit 15 was received by them on 25th April, which they confirmed and I am in the same boat as you regardling this.
    Its really annoying as I rushed like mad to get it done, was told there was no way I could do the project (this was the beginning of March) if now I could have done it amd really annoyed as just lost 3 months basically as I cant get the scenario I am told until I have been marked competent. Am checking this out with AAT tomorrow as I need to get it completed and market and have passed by September.
    Hey ho fingers crossed
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