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I've recently taken on a charity as a new client for bookkeeping & accounts, possibly payroll soon too. To cover myself on ML regs am I asking too much to get ID for all trustees or is it enough to ask for say the Chairman & Treasurer?
I can't seem to find exact guidance in the ML file, can't see for looking :o)


  • Monsoon
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    As officers of charities sometimes change annually, it would be excessively laborious to ID every new officer every time they change.

    I think we have just done the chairman and treasurer.

    I'm not sure if that's technically correct but on a risk sensitive basis (which all ML checks need to be driven by) I decided the local pre-school probably wasn't an Al Qaeda nest and that the ladies I'd met were likely indicative of the rest of them, i.e. legit!
  • KaelaH
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    Thanks Monsoon, that was my thoughts too. This is a small preschool and, like you say, they're only in it to keep the organisation running and "do their bit" until another committee takes over next year.
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