Cash management Practice papers?

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Hi, i have my cash management exam tomorrow and my tutor has given me two practice exams, one that is on this site and I dont know where he got the other from. He said these are the only practice exam papers he has / can get and I was just wondering if by anychance anyone else happens to know where i can get any. If this is the case that theres only these two i guess il just have to re-do the cba online :(

Same scenario with my indirect tax sitting that tomorrow any past exam papers for that anywhere? I only have one for this.

It doesn't necessarily have to be past exam papers just some exercises at the least i can do to help me see various questions?


  • kirstym01
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    Our lecturer gets extra materials from the osborne tutor zone.... which only tutors can access! Having said that there are some questions which may help you for cash management on the osborne books e-learning site. Here is the link:

    Goodluck with your exams! x
  • Luby
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    Many thanks that came in handy hmmm what to look at next :/ this lack of previous material can become frustrating
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    Be very careful to be sure you cover the whole of the subject, rather than gambling on a set of questions similar to those in practice tests.

    Why not look at the typical unit 15 tests, often task 2 had a cash budget to complete?
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