Difficulty of level 4?

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Hi provided all goes well and i pass my final two Lvl 3 exams today i will be moving on to lvl 4 come september. I have heard that there is a leap in difficulty from level 3 to level 4 and i was just wondering how true this is.

I have found level 2 & 3 tediously easy and wonder if level 4 will be a challenge? Is it purely down to the workload that makes it harder or is there more to understand in the topics?


  • Woooof
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    As with everything, the next level up is more difficult than the previous. There will be units which you will find easier based on whether you are in practice or industry. I believe there is more to understand in each unit and the workload depends on how long you are planning to complete the level in.
  • Luby
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    Im doing my course through college, studying one day a week plus any home revision i feel is neccassary, I just heard that there is a large jump in difficulty whereas from level 2 to level 3 although its harder there wasn't too much of difficulty jump. Maybe im just listening to rumours and scare stories I was just curious how much truth is to be held in them.
  • Woooof
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    You'll be fine :) At least when you are at college it's much easier to ask questions and get feedback.
  • Monsoon
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    There is a jump, yes.

    I didn't do level 2 so I can't compare the jump between levels 2 and 3, but from 3 to 4 was a big leap. Level 4 is about equivalent to the first year of a batchelors degree, and level 3 to A Levels. I noticed the same jump when I went to uni.

    The workload is heavier, and the topics are more in-depth.

    If you have found level 3 straightforward, then you should have nothing to worry about with level 4, but just remember there is a big time commitment - but it's worth it in the end!
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    I remember when i did level 2 (at college) i was only opening the bookes in the class when i had to ,i never studied or revised at home for level 2 and i passed stright .when i went to level 3 the only i time i rememberd which i revised and studied was during exam times and i only did the past exam papers and i passed stright away without any difficulty.
    but when i start level 4 ,i realised there is so much to undrestand and learn ,it needs commetment ,extra times study at home daily apart from going to college once a week .so its totaly diffrent form the other levels but its not impossible .
  • Luby
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    Ta for the replies i was really hoping everyone would say no its really easy that would of been perfect :) haha revision the lifetime nemesis, well i guess i had to conquer the skill some time, looking forward to the next year
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