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Hi there
I wonder if anyone can help me? I have recently started a job and started doing payroll. I need to further my knowledge on it but having just finished my AAT studies I don't really want to do more studying! Can anyone recommend a good book on payroll? Or if I decide to do further studing what is a good qualification to do - as I think that they no longer do the AAT Payroll Qualification.


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    You are right that, techincally, the AAT has now finished its old NVQ payroll administration programme. They will be continuing to provide payroll training but not in such a formal manner.

    You could consider the IAB, they have an apprenticeship programme from L1 through to L3 with a L4 on its way. Alternatively there is CIPP to consider, particularly if the type of work you do is higher level or if you might aspire to being in a senior post with a large payroll to do.

    Either of those bodies will help you achieve payroll excellence and I can put you in touch with people I know at both organisations.

    I'm afraid I do not know of any books which cover payroll in this way but you might consider offering to buy the books used by those who completed the AAT course this month. The figures will be out of date, being finance act 2010 and not 2011 but you can easily get someone to update those for you.

    Good luck.
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    Hi Nicky,

    As an alternative to getting a book, you could maybe attend a couple of free workshops at HMRC. They run a workshop on basics of payroll and then ones on more specific areas. I attended a few of these several years ago and found them very useful.

    Please see the link below if you are interested.

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    Thank you for both your replies.
    I will have a look at the HMRC website.
    At present I work for a firm of bookkeepers and it is my intention to do accounts and payroll for sole traders and small companies so I guess the IAB would be more appropriate for me.
    Many thanks
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