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Unit 10 Assessment - Kaplan delays

GingerheidGingerheid New MemberRegistered Posts: 12

I submitted my (old qualification) unit 10 project to Kaplan in early April. Despite frequent chasing it took over 2 months for it to be returned to me. It only required three small changes and I returned it to them within 24 hours, but on calling them to chase today it transpires that a week they still haven't even sent it to an assessor.

Has anyone had any success at persuading Kaplan to act in reasonable timeframes? They keep telling me not to worry because they've got lots of time before the AAT deadline, but the point is that I'm doing the qualification because I want to finish it so I can apply for jobs and so I can apply for the next course I want to do!


  • PrimblePrimble Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 734
    they only send things to the assesors weekly. I sat my audit sim on 23rd May and it was sent to the assesor early june. I asked why and they said about only sending them to assesors weekly and that they reckoned it would take a few days for them to receive it from the norwich branch. Norwich branch told me they were sending it special that day when i sat it
  • Siobhan CarmelSiobhan Carmel Feels At Home Registered Posts: 50
    I have been assured by Kaplan that my Unit 10 project will be registered as complete with the AAT before the end of June. I am keeping a careful eye on this. I have had to push them every time, to get any kind of response from them.

  • NickyWNickyW Feels At Home Registered Posts: 97
    I have now been waiting for over 6 weeks for Kaplan to get back to me with my Unit 10 project. I am starting to get worried because if I have to do any more alterations it won't be assessed before the end of July. I have emailed them on several occasions but they just tell me not to worry and that I will get it back soon.
    It's very frustrating!
  • susiewongsusiewong Feels At Home Registered Posts: 29
    Hi, I submitted my project on the AAT website yesterday (ICAS not unit 10), and then phoned Kaplan to ask how long the delay in marking is as I wanted to sign up for CIMA by the end of July. I was advised that they had employed a new assessor just for ICAS and I should receive my results within 2 weeks, not holding my breath!!!! I was also told if not received results by then to give them a call and they will try and sort.

    I really hope they sort it for me as I really to get this final hurdle passed....

  • GingerheidGingerheid New Member Registered Posts: 12
    Hmm :(

    Quite a stupid approach for them to take. One thing I won't be doing is touching them again with a bargepole, and you'd think it would be worth their while developing some sort of loyalty among people that are likely to be going on to do further qualifications, which if I'd had even a neutral experience, would have been done through them.

    I'll try bugging them and being their worst pain in the neck, though it doesn't seem hopeful.
  • susiewongsusiewong Feels At Home Registered Posts: 29
    Hi, which branch of Kaplan are you using?

  • HollyHolly Settling In Nicely Registered Posts: 16
    Can anyone advise what we do about this? I too submitted my unit 10 project in good time and am now 8 months pregnant and a little worried that I will struggle to do further work required if I do not here back soon. I have contacted them for feedback and was told at the beginning of May that it had been submitted to the assessor and shouldn't be long. I still have had nothing and not even a reply to further chasing.

    Surely it is not acceptable for them to work in this way and tell us not to contact them to chase our feedback? Is the AAT powerless to do anything about this? You do wonder what you have paid your money for!
  • PrimblePrimble Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 734
    there is hope got my IAP sim back today after 3-4 weeks. still no acknowledgement of my complaint letter tho
  • susiewongsusiewong Feels At Home Registered Posts: 29
    Hi primble, have your resuts automatically updated on your record of achievement?

  • GingerheidGingerheid New Member Registered Posts: 12
    I'm using Kaplan distance learning.
  • PrimblePrimble Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 734
    err no, i've got another question to do
  • susiewongsusiewong Feels At Home Registered Posts: 29
    Hi Gingerheid

    Do you deal directly with Leeds then, as that is who I spoke to and sent my progress tests to when I was doing my exams?

    Hi Primble

    Hope you're not too far off completing your sim.


  • HollyHolly Settling In Nicely Registered Posts: 16
    Complaints procedure


    Have just telephoned the AAT following more Kaplan problems. They have advised me to put any complaints in writing to Kaplan with a 2 week period for response. If I am not happy with the response, the complaint can then be forwarded to the AAT in writing or by email (to [email protected]).

    Please raise any concerns you have had with Kaplan/AAT in this way otherwise nothing will ever change!
  • *Jo*Jo Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 509
    Yup, got the same complain to Kaplan first after my sending the AAT an email.

    I'm reluctant to do so until after my final project submitted for fear they will accidentally on purpose delay submission even further.

    As soon as my qualified status is up I shall be following the correct complaints procedure.
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