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Does anyone on here use quickbooks payroll? I do not seem to be able to find answers using the help facilities.

We pay our staff via BACS, the Directors does this via Bankline, If I try and put BACS as the payment method, I get asked for a BACS agency Payee. Does anyone know what I am supposed to put in there? When I select the drop-down list, it only comes up with a list of suppliers?

Also, there only seems to be 2 payslips layouts to choose from, we do not like either, is the only other option to buy pre-printed templates?


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    I don't know anything about QB payroll but it seems to be assuming that if you use BACS payment facilities you will have an arrangement with a third party who transfers the data in BACS format.

    Your employer cannot do that directly, you contract with an agency to handle the trasnfer for you and your system communicates directly with them. The reason they do this is to make sure bank mandates and limits are in place and it also provides a shelter for BACS themselves if anything goes wrong.

    Only a certain number of organisations are registered as payment agency's, BACWAY for example and most of the banks operate an agency facility.

    However, QB ought to handle self set up arrangements. I know a number of employers who set up their payments directly with on line banking and up to about 20 employees that is not an onerous task. I would have assumed they would have a EFT switch, (electronic funds transfer) which identifies that cash and cheque analysis is not needed but neither is a BACS agency arrangement. After all BACS is merely one of the EFT options.
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