Exam Failure?

wannabebean Registered Posts: 72 Regular contributor ⭐
I have taken and passed all my Level 3 exams first time. I have now moved on to Level 4. If you fail an exam do you have to re-sit all of it or just the section you failed? i.e Budgeting has two parts. Im convinced I passed the first part just fine but think I failed the second part due to Stepped Costs.

If I have failed do I need to re-sit all of the exam?


  • keane155
    keane155 Registered Posts: 404 Dedicated contributor 🦉
    If you fail section 2 then you need to resit the whole exam. You might not have done as bad as you thought. I have come out of most of the level four exams thinking I have failed on something but haven't. Good luck.
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