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Do many of you use credit checking companies?

The cost for ours has gone up a bit to 275 +vat. I couldn't say if this is a good deal or not!

Any recommendations?


  • Dcollins
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    I try to avoid the need for credit checks, but you could have a look at this company.

    I use them for ML, they charge monthly in arrears for individual reports, but maybe they'd discuss a package.

    My only other experience is with Equifax and Dun & Bradstreet - they were expensive, but had a range of options.
  • PGM
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    Thanks, I'll have a look. We don't do many so the monthly arrears may work out cheaper.

    I'd prefer not to need it, but checking a company before starting a large contract gives us that bit of extra insurance.
  • deanshepherd
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    We used to use RiskDisk. Might be worth checking their current rates..
  • Primble
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    we use credit safe, it easily saves what it cost as you can alter payment terms at the start of a job if required
  • flossie
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    We also use RiskDisk and it cost us £500 for two years payable 50% upon contract and 50% 12 months lated and that is for two users. It has been an absolute asset to our company for credit checks and monitoring new customers.
  • PGM
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    We use credit safe, doesn't seem to bad now at 275, may take a quick look at risk disk

  • lorraine
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    credit safe

    We use Credit Safe - off the top of my head about 250 + vat I believe. It has helped us by giving more info than companies house does. Also we are able to see if a company should be cash only and a credit rating figure, and based on this decide if we want to give them an account.
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    i have just done credit checks on a company which is having problems paying us - I used Risk Disk after reading this thread and found their report to be okay but a bit out of date and I could not access some information I wanted without paying for a further report - Directors Appointments.

    I then used Company Searches Made simple and got all the information I need - more up to date and showing directors' appointments for a smaller charge than Risk Disk.

    You can pay as you go in the same way as Risk Disk.

    I will certainly be using them in the future.
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