What you really need the day before your exam

katsutlieff Trusted RegularRegistered Posts: 459
Is to be told that you can't sit it because someone in the AAT forgot to cancel your entrance to the paper based exam!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sitting here wondering whether I should continue revising as they haven't decided whether they can get around it. Mind has gone blank now anyway being staring at the maginal/absorption question on the interactive exam for the last half hour


  • pirate
    pirate Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 469
    OMG they will sort it and you'll get there
  • BeccaLouJ9
    BeccaLouJ9 Experienced Mentor DevonFMAAT Posts: 1,022
    Don't panic it is their problem they HAVE to sort it! If they don't then you have every right to shout abuse and write a very lengthy email to do so!! :) Keep Smiling. Good Luck!

    B x
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