Applyiing for MIP possibly a daft question

pirate Trusted RegularRegistered Posts: 469

on the briefing about the AAT scheme for becoming a member in practice it states that on the application form you need to provide
details of the person who will act as your professional cover

what is professional cover

sorry if this is a stupid question


  • Monsoon
    Monsoon Font Of All Knowledge FMAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant Posts: 4,071
    This is someone who can look after your practice and clients in the case of you being unable to work, e.g. if you go off long term sick or something else happens.

    It needs to be someone who is suitable so preferably another accountant in practice.

    You need to have a "continuity of practice" plan so that if you have to get your professional cover to actually cover you, how will this work in practice.
  • pirate
    pirate Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 469
    Thanks Jenni

    so not such a daft question then after all.
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