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Raging Pineapples
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Hi all,

One of the girls in our office has a payroll question, but I don't do payroll so I can't advise.

She needs to know how to handle the P45 for leavers now that everything is online.

She processes page 1 of the form online, but she's not sure how to obtain the pages she will have to give the employee. Do these somehow get printed by the online system? Or does she need to order a paper p45, fill it in as before, and simply file page 1 online instead of posting it to HMRC, then hand the employee pages to the employee exactly as she would have done under the old system?

In other words, that nothing has changed, except she files page 1 online instead of posting it?

Thanks all


  • sloshed
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    Not sure if this is any use but I do the following.

    Print out all parts on HMRC stationery using 3rd Party software. Photocopy all 4 parts, Keep part 1, copies of the P45 and the confirmation e-mail I receive from HMRC when it is filed online. Give parts 1a, 2 and 3 to the employee.

    That way there tends to be a good paper trail.
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