Limited Company Statutory Accounts?

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I am a learner. So please pass some knowledge:

1. Accountants submit Abbreviated Accounts to companies house

2. Accountants submit CT600 to tax office.

Don’t accountants submit accounts to HMRC?

And again, what is the dirrence between Accounts and Abbreviated Accounts?

I know I am silly, but I want to know about it.



  • Monsoon
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    A full set of statutory accounts HAS to be submitted with the CT600.

    Small companies can opt to submit just abbreviated accounts to CoHo. These are just a balance sheet and a few notes. No profit and loss, unlike full accounts.

    In all cases, full account need preparing.

    I see many cases where companies DIY the abbrv accounts, only to come unstuck when they find they need to file full statutory accounts with the company tax return.
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