I passed my CBA today BUT.........

katsutlieff Registered Posts: 459
It was the wrong standard so I have to sit the correct one before Thursdays deadline. After the mess the AAT made over cancelling my paper entrance and only getting the go ahead for the exam at quarter to five yesterday afternoon I am seriously considering skipping Level 4 and going straight to CIMA.

I don't think it was their mistake today but the AAT could handle things a little better than they do.


  • pirate
    pirate Registered Posts: 469
    Can you not use the CBA exam for the new standards. or is it that you are on the new standards so it cant be uploaded.
    I think that since for people on the old standards the exams give them exemptions from the new standards eg if you site Personal Tax under the old you dont then have to sit it under the new, you should ask if they can count it.

    Does the AAT level 4 give you some exemptions from CIMA more so that just doing CIMA straight off? If so maybe its worth persevering.

    Feel for you though its feels really unprofessional at the moment. and whats happened to you is just outrageous
  • katsutlieff
    katsutlieff Registered Posts: 459
    I sat what should have been Unit 6. This would have completed level 3 under the old standards. But the paper that was downloaded was cost and revenues but the new standards. So my choices are sit Unit 6 by Thursday and complete under the old. Or keep the exam I took and passed yesterday transfer Fiancial records and cash management but resit Professional ethics and sit a spreadsheet exam.

    Can't understand how the wrong exam could have been downloaded. As you say the whole thing seems so unprofessional and doesn't bode well for the future.
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