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Can someone please advise when the best time to register with the ICEAW is. I have read on the website it is when you start Level 4.

I am also confused about the time qualification aspect of it as it says you can carry forward as much as 12 months to ACA. I started my job in January 2011, AAT in April 2011 but will not be finished until June 2012. Does this not essentially mean I will be losing 6 months of technical experience?

Finally when exactly can you sit the Law ACA exam. Is it any time after you register even if you have not completed AAT?

I don't think the ICEAW website makes any of this clear.


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    First you have to register. Its a one off fee so it doesn't really matter when you do it, but you cant sit any exams until you have registered.

    You can sit the law exam once you have registered. If you havn't done the tax units at level 4 then you can also do Tax.

    You have to have completed both level 3 and level 4 of AAT before you can sit the Accounting "top up" paper.

    The only technical experience you can count towards ACA is that gained at an ACA registered traning provider. You don't have be on a formal traning engagement at this stage BUT you can't count any work experience gained towards ACA "Technical Experience" unless it is with an approved provider.

    So, whilst the work experience you are getting from your current job may be accepted as work experience for AAT's purposes but it may not be acceptable for ACA - it depends on who you are working for!
  • AAT Level 3
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    I work for a top 4 firm so they are a registered trainer, however, this office I work in does not have prior experience of the new standards of AAT so no one has made it specifically clear with regards to ACA.

    I finish Level 3 in four weeks all going well. Would you suggest registering through ICEAW website and sitting my Law exam in the two months before I begin Level 4?
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