Submitting really old tax returns

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I have a client who has never submitted a SA tax return ,P35 or VAT return.

They went self employed in September 05 and employed people, paying cash at the same time.

They are now registered for SA and PAYE (and VAT but thats another story)

My question is how far back will they have to submit returns for SA and PAYE, and pay over any unpaid taxes?

I do not encounter this very often and have searched but cannot find the answer. I seem to remember that there are time limits (4 years?) on these things and although these returns have not been submitted or requested by HMR&C have have got away with some of this.

Any help or web links would be appreciated.



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    Offsetting employee PAYE against Employer overpayment


    I have posted elsewhere on this subject of non submission of P35's by an employer since 2005/06.

    HMR&C are insisting that the client submits and is liable for all years, no restriction.

    However can anyone help with the following.

    I have had to rework salaries back to that date grossing up all payments made for tax and NI and with no signed P46's use BR W1/M1 with no allowance for PA's year on year. I have checked with HMR&C and they advise that they are not able to provide tax codes to use for previous years only for the current year.

    Because of this the employees have probably over paid tax on the value of their personal allowance each year.

    My question is, does anyone know if my client can claim these overpayments against his liability?

    Thank you
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