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Shell B
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Was just wondering if anyone had sat there budgeting exam recently?? if so how did you find it??

I am a little worried about the wordy questions they always stress me.


Shell B


  • ms sadat
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    shell B !
    I did my budgeting on the 16th of june and i found it very straight forward and similer to the AAT practice CBA .the writing parts which r the interpretation of the variance and the other email, was the ones which i was worried about but it went oky i goues . practice and practic the AAT website CBA budgeting which r 2 of them there and if u r confident with that than u will be fine . i have my financial statment soon and i am kind of strugling because there is so many things to learn and i dont know what am i gona do. best of luck anyways.
  • ACL
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    Hi Shell
    I did my CBE budgeting last week. I think I did well, although there were bits of throwback that were not in the revisions materials. It is certainly better than paper based. Good luck with your exams
  • Daz1865
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    I've got my Budgeting exam next monday.

    I've been studying it on my own so any tips would be appreciated. Is there any specific topics I should revise?

    I've been going through the Kaplan book and it is coming together. I just need to go over the fixed overhead variance and the ROCE ratios and I should be ok.

    I've looked at the practice CBTs but haven't attempted them yet. They look a bit more basic than what I was expecting based on whats in the book. Did anyone else find that?
  • nonmugglesue
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    I also did the Budgeting exam last week and found it very similar to the online ones. I hate the wordy bits too but I just try and make sure my figures are correct.

    Good luck
  • GreenMousey
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    I took and passed my budgeting exam a month or so back, just a couple of things to be wary of, I was asked a couple of questions that related back to the ECR unit at level 3, had to pause for a while before answering trying to dig back in my memory.

    Also, the budgeting exam, to me, was easier than the book because my book was geared a lot more to the financial performance exam which seems to have a wider base of questions than budgeting. Infact I ended up using the budgeting book more for the financial performance exam than I did the actual FP book!

    Good luck!
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