Can you acheive MAAT without IAC old standards

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Hi everyone

I just wanted to check with people here about this
I have just been awarded my AWS Unit 31 under the old Diploma pathway and all of a sudden on my statement of acheivement I have now got Level 2 showing, wheeras before I could only see Level 3 and Level 4
It is showing that Level 2 has an outstanding exam IAC. I got exemptions from Level 2 due to my work experience

I am told this is ok and I can still get my MAAT without completing this unit.

Just wanted to be sure as I do get conflicting information from the AAT.


  • Primble
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    i have a level 2 one showing too even though i was exempt. i checked this with kaplan between level 3 and level 4 incase i had to get more books and was told it was ok
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