Hi Everyone

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Hi Everyone,

This is my first post so I thought I would say 'Hello'. I recently took voluntary redundancy from a job in IT. Before I left, I completed the intermediate level AAT. I am hoping to continue studying for the AAT exams and build up a practice as I go. I will probably have lots of questions as I progress my plans.




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    It'd be rude not to say 'Hello' to someone with the same name as me...
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    Hello Robert :)

    I'm also negotiating a career change. Its certainly a challenge, but one I'm facing head on !

    I've just started my Technician Stage. I'm hoping to sit my first exam at the end of July. How about you ? How far have you got with your technician studies ?

    Have you set up your practice yet ? What plans do you have for it ?
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    Hi Robert

    I too may soon be facing career change. Work in Public Sector and redundancy imminent.

    Good Luck with your studies.
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    Hello Robert and welcome to the forums :-)
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    I'm currently deciding what services I can offer and trying to price them up. I've run a few searches on this forum to help me do that. I'm then going to order some business cards. I'm currenty getting myself back up to speed with the subjects I've studied before. I will attend the local AAT branch meetings, as I've been told they can be very helpful. Then I hope to get some clients. I will continue my AAT studied to increase the range of services I can offer and hopefully one day become a full member in practice. That's the aim anyway.

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    Thought id join in and say HI and good luck with the plans looks like you have a good idea of what you want to do
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    Hi Robert, welcome to the forums, we aren't too bad here!

    most questions get answered!
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