i think i failed PEV

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Hi all,

I had my last Level4 exam yesterday PEV CBA, and i think i have totally fluffed it.
It was all going great, got all the variances and performance ratios etc and then i had brain freeze on the investment question, purchase or lease, like an indiot i included the depreciation charge in the outflow of cash which gave preference to Leasing the equipment (this is such a silly , basic error i could kick myself) , however looking back i realise that i probably shouldnt have included the depreciation costs which would have favoured Buying the machine. I think this is the only section i got wrong, am i likely to fail just on that part???
I really hope not as i have enrolled with ACCA looking to do December exams and a resit will put me back 6 months as college will be closed until after September for me to do a resit.


  • coojee
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    You can do a re sit wherever you like as an external candidate, it doesn't have to be at your own college. Let's hope it doesn't come to that though :-)
  • wannabebean
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    Just give Kaplan a ring - you can do the re-sit as an external. If you want it super quick I would register with Kaplan now (at your local centre - Birmingham, Milton Keynes, Liecester wherever) so that if you fail (i doubt it) you can do a re-sit almost immediately.
  • deborahcarpenter
    deborahcarpenter Registered Posts: 161 Dedicated contributor 🦉
    Thanks for that, i will ring them today, hoepfully they have a centre near me down in sunny West Sussex.
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