nonmugglesuenonmugglesue Feels At HomePosts: 39Registered
Hi All,

I am just wondering if anyone else is struggling with the project. I am doing the SIM one not the workplace one and I am just finding it hard to start.

Any hints or tips that have worked for you?


  • flowerflower Well-Known Posts: 160Registered
    I did the simulation last year. I found that reading it several times and making notes on each section before you even make a start. Once you do get started you will find it easier. If you want to email me on which particular bit you are struggling with I will be more than happy to help.
  • NikdougNikdoug Feels At Home Posts: 69Registered
    Agree with above. Read through several times and write down all the problems in the systems and controls and what you could recommend to improve. This way you will get a feel for the main problem areas of the business included in the simulation. Then you can start expanding on these notes. I first did a bullet point version, including a few bullet points per section, and then started filling this out. Once you have a full bodied report you can then start fine tuning to make sure all the assessment criteria are met.

    Are you doing it through a college? I'm not sure what the AAT resources are like regarding the project as i didn't use them, but it may be worth a look.

  • babsababsa Well-Known Posts: 118Registered
    I went to college and we used the BPP ICAS book I found it helpful, the tutor also gave us powerpoint slides with bullet points of information on things that must go into the project.
  • piratepirate Trusted Regular Posts: 469Registered
    does the college/distance provider give you some clues ie you read the SIM make notes etc, can you talk over your ideas before you begin?
  • nonmugglesuenonmugglesue Feels At Home Posts: 39Registered
    Thanks everyone I shall read it a few times and make notes. I am at a college and although the tutor is lovely she has been a little unhelpful and so it's has me a bit worried. I have a few ideas but I am rubbish at putting them onto paper

    Thanks again x x
  • babsababsa Well-Known Posts: 118Registered
    I was like that, I thought I'd never get my project done. I worked through each section one at a time, it will come together. I did however have feedback from the college tutor and reading the books does help.
  • JaylosanJaylosan New Member Posts: 7Registered
    I did the sim before christmas, my sim looked battered by the time I'd finished it, write notes all over it highlighting points that need to be made then break it down piece by piece and list it all, I spent many a night up til 4am once I'd got into the swing of things terrified that the flow would not come back if I stopped lol, done and dusted now and passed thank the lord it's over lol, Good Luck with yours though, I don't envy you x
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