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Failed my Cash management exam!

geek84geek84 Trusted RegularMAAT Posts: 567
Hi Folks

I recently failed my computer based cash management exam - the result was 'incompetent'. However, the exam centre said they weren't able to tell me what result I got or what questions I got right/wrong.

Is it possible to find out the above information or aren't students allowed to know what percentage mark they achieved and what questions they got right/wrong?

Thanks in advance for your response.


  • stephleedzstephleedz Well-Known Registered Posts: 179
    You can appeal the result with the AAT but you will need to go throughyour training provider and this costs £23! The AAT will not tell you the percentage you got but will tell you what areas you were competant in and incompetent in.

    Hope this helps

  • uknittyuknitty Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 591
    I'm still waiting for the results of my paper based unit 15 on the old standards - Cash Management and Credit Contol. Some areas of this unit were really really tough !

    Steph - I knew you could appeal to the AAT, but I didn't know that they wouldn't tell you what parts you got wrong...
  • piratepirate Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 469

    any news on your Cash management?
    Can't recall are you waiting for Prof Ethics as well
  • uknittyuknitty Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 591
    No - no news for me ! I did prof ethics through Kaplan (so effectively paid for the unit twice) in order to get it signed off for the "June" deadline.

    When did you say PT received your unit 15 sim back ? I think I sent my AWS a week before you and my CMCC a week later than you (mind didn't arrive until the first week of May because of the two bank holidays...)
  • piratepirate Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 469
    Ha Uknitty

    just asked you that on another thread sorry

    They received mine I think the 14th April. (I need to check that coz not 100% sure and am on a different PC than normal so can't look) so they just marked it today (or told me today)

    They have started marking those now that came in after 30th and the pile is now down significantly, last week it was 90 t but now its about 50 so they are getting through it and aparently all papers received before 30 April have been marked. My other arrived 4th May due to bank hols

    I was told 2 weeks ago I had passed Unit 15, but they didnt send anything. Then when I rang they said I hadnt passed and everytime I rang in the guy who was marking my paper, was not in the office. So maybe I did pass and maybe I didnt pass, I dont know but anyway now it has to go through to IV. My other papers took another 25 days from when I was told Id passed to being on the AAT web site. so maybe by the end of July this one will be posted. My other one could be now well into mid of august since it may be another 2 or 3 weeks before they mark it and then 25 odd days for IV and so on. Ah well
  • geek84geek84 Trusted Regular MAAT Posts: 567
    Hi Folks

    Just to let you know, I re-took the exam today and passed!!

    3 down and 3 more to go!!
  • uknittyuknitty Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 591
    Congratulations ! Are you doing this unit on the "new" standards then ? Which unit is next for you ?

    I've still not had my results back !
  • geek84geek84 Trusted Regular MAAT Posts: 567
    Hi uknitty

    I am doing the course via distance learning. This exam was computer based and I got my result virtually straight after completing the exam. I have now passed 3 exams on this level 3 (ne format), and 3 more to go. Its costs & revenues next for me. How about you?
  • uknittyuknitty Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 591
    Finished level 3 (sort of) on the "old" standards - just waiting for the result of this skills test.

    Looking to do my first level 4 exam (FNST) in the next few weeks. Also a distance learner, so I'll have to find out what dates are available for me to take the CBE.
  • geek84geek84 Trusted Regular MAAT Posts: 567
    Hi uknitty

    Are you working in the accoutancy field? I have been out of ork for over a year and just cannot get back into work. I have sent 400+ letters to accountancy practices - in most cases they don't even reply, and those that do have the standard rejection ' Thanks but no thanks'.

    Any advice regarding job hunting would be grately appreciated.
  • AAT Level 3AAT Level 3 Feels At Home Registered Posts: 75
    Have you resat yet?

    I passed this today was definitely the most different exam from the online mocks so far.
  • geek84geek84 Trusted Regular MAAT Posts: 567
    Good Morning

    Yes I have passed my cash management exam. I have another 2 exams to go - spreadsheets & professional ethics. After completing them, I would have completed my level 3.
  • uknittyuknitty Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 591
    Congratulations Geek84. Its such a boost when you see something signed off on your Statement isn't it.

    I think the toughest ones may be out of the way for you now - I know lots of people have commented that spreadsheets is a nice unit. You'll be on level 4 befor you know it :)
  • geek84geek84 Trusted Regular MAAT Posts: 567

    Yes, I do get the feeling that spreadsheets is the easiest unit out of all of them. Bit of a sharp contrast to the previous one - costs & revenues.

    Have you done the Professional Ethics assessment? What type of questions does that assessment include? I hope its not as difficult as costs & revenues!!
  • uknittyuknitty Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 591
    I did mine under the old standards and I believe that Ethics is one of the units that has changed quite a lot under the new QCF framework. I think most people say its a rather straightforward common sense unit though.
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