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Aaron C Rescue
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My local RBL Club, has just bought Sage, and Sage Payroll, I have been asked to set it up for them, set up their payroll etc, put their current year into the software, and then train their currrent (76 year old spritely ex soldier) Treasurer on what he will need to know to pay the invoices, produce the VAT etc.

This will be done as a second job function every Friday until complete. This is a one off job, but as the old dear who needs helping out is my uncle, I will obviously remain as his support! Equally obviously, is that the RBL are keen not to be seen nepotistic, and want to pay teh correct going rate for the job. What would you guys suggest the charge should be? I am rather keen to charge for the days which I work, but not charge for any hand holding/aftercare!


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    Sounds like you need to think of an hour/day rate and charge them accordingly.

    If you are doing this in addition to another employment then don't forget that you need to be registered with HMRC as self employed as well.

    As long as you are earning less than £5,075 (last year's figure) from your self employment income you don't need to pay NIC2, although you do need to fill in form CF10 and send it to HMRC to tell them.
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  • Aaron C Rescue
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    Thanks for that Annie, sorry I didn't get back to you sooner, but I've just got back from holidays, and was awaiting the result of their committee meeting.

    The Committee decided against implementing Sage for the current year, and will instead, start afresh in September with their new financial year.
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