Newly qualified book keeper needs experience

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Good Morning folks

I hope you're all well.

I have just recently completed my level 2 in book keeping, and in the process of sending out letters & cv copies to local book keeping businesses in the hope of landing a suitable job role. I would ideally like a role which I get paid for, but equally don't mind helping out voluntarily, just so that I can get the experience.

Can you suggest how I should interpret that in my letter. Obviously, if I say that I am willing to help voluntarily, then even if a prospective employer did have a paid job role to offer me, they would naturally want to take me on voluntarily so they don't have to pay me anything!!

Any advice would be grately sppreciated.


  • pirate
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    I would personally say you are prepared to work voluntarily on a temp basis.

    This way you might get some experience from people but you have indicated that its not permanent

    we often got letter like this from NVQ students and sometimes we would take them on for a couple of weeks to give them some experience and then we could get to see what they were like with a view to employement.

    some employers might not even be able to do this so dont be offended if they say no, its often that they are no in a position to take anyone on even voluntarily as they dont have the time etc to show the ropes.

  • geek84
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    Hi Pirate

    Thanks very much for the suggestions.
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