Few questions about ethics

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I have a few questions about Professional Ethics that I was wondering if someone could answer:

1) What is the AATs view on cold calling - is it forbidden by the guidelines?

2) What should you do if you have a close relationship with a client? for instance, should you immediately cease the relationship?

3) Is it permitted in the AAT guidelines for: Sole trader X has tax expertise and sole trader Y doesn't. Sole trader Y lets sole trader X do the tax and then soletrader X invoices sole traders Y clients for soletraders X services?

Thanks in advance.


  • stephleedz
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    In answer to 1) Cold calling is not forbidden as long as it is not done outside of working hours and is not harassing...i believe!

    In answer to 2) Close relationship a familiarity threat - I do not believe you would cease the relationship if this was one of your clients you would need to be objective.

    3rd one I am not 100% sure.
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