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I started AAT in January, just completed Level 2 about a month ago. I got my first assistant accountant position around the same time. (After applying for loads). Well they called me into a meeting today, I thought I was in trouble because I know I've made a few mistakes while learning on sage but I wasn't! They said how fast I'd picked it all up and some other good stuff and that the company are willing to fund my Level 4 and Chartered (whichever I decide to do). One of the my bosses actually marks ACCA papers so he was keen for me to do that :P

I'm so pleased its what I really wanted so I just have to continue funding level 3 now. Theres hope for everyone, I thought I'd be stuck in hotel work forever.

Just had to tell someone! My parents are away on holiday an I can't get through on the phone :D


  • Paisley
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    Great news, congratulations :)
  • uknitty
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    Wow - that is fantastic news ! Sounds like you are doing amazingly well at your job for them to commit to funding all the way through to chartered ! Congratulations :D
  • pirate
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    absolutely fabulous

    you go girl!!!
  • Louise89
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    Wow thats fab! Congrats!!
  • *Jo
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    Well done thats brill,

    Nice encouraging story for all those out there struggling to get into accounting as well.

  • katie2008
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    Well done,

    How are you finding the course?
  • Amie1977
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    That's brilliant, you obviously are doing well!! Keep up the good work!!
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