Technical accountant

I've seen a job online for a technical accountant. Can anyone tell me what this could involve?


  • PGM
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    Never heard that term. Isn't every accounting job technical. Is it a typo, could they have meant technician?

    What does the description say?
  • acc1077
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    Found this link about technical accounting
  • Gem7321
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    Isn't there a job description with the advert?
  • stevef
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    In a previous life I held a post with the Grand Title "Group Accountant - Technical". Bearing in mind that I work in Local Government in Wales, the things I did to earn the title of Technical Accountant was (I did non technical work as well):

    Advise the other Group Accountants on the meaning of and application of accounting standards, statutory regulations, local government finance acts etc. Respond to CCAB, CIPFA, CLG and WAG (or WG now) consultations on legislative or standard changes, try to instigate improvements to standards and legislation. Assess the financial standing of potential contractors, carry out ad hoc exercises such as the impact on finances due to legislative or boundary changes. But perhaps the most challenging work, to understand the working of the statutory spending assessment, the ssa formula and the Revenue Support Grant, advising on the inter relationship between RSG, non domstic rates and Council Tax (if one inceases, what happens to the others). Advising how to get the most from the formula and fighting to change the formula to the advantage of my employer (RSG is a fixed overall grant, the size each LA's slice of the pie is set by the formula).

    But in summary, understanding and applying the finance rules, and trying to change the rules to your advantage. In Local Government most Resouces Directors and Finance Heads have done a stint in Technical Accounting.
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