IAS's Podcasts?

Millsy Registered Posts: 1 New contributor 🐸
does anyone know of any podcasts to help revise IAS's? Really struggling with these and i have my exam next friday!


  • uknitty
    uknitty Registered Posts: 591 Epic contributor 🐘
    Not heard of any but its a fab idea !

    I've just ordered A students guide to IFRS by Clare Finch - it has absolutely rave reviews ! Maybe this could help you also ?
  • pirate
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    Hi there

    I did use IFRS by Claire Finch. good book easy to understand has all of them in
    so helps to explain it a bit more if you dont understand it from the text books etc

    What I did was I wrote out a crib sheet with all the IASes required for this unit. Name, what it covered, bullet points of things to consider and definition.
    I would then learn 2 or so a day, in the bath on the train, washing up etc. At some point I would get someone in my house with the crib sheet to test me, each day on any of the ones I had learnt so far.
    A few days before the exam I wrote them all out from my head and checked my answers against the book, and I was mostly right,

    PS it also really helps if you do understand them, I know this may go without saying but if you are struggling to understand them Claire book is excellent

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