Final Stages of Level 3 should I prepare for 4 early?

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I have nearly completed level 3 just waiting on my spreadsheets results and I am done :). I am currently studying at my local college. Its summer now but I have been so used to studying constantly that I don't want to switch off completely and just do nothing for the whole of summer hols. Want to be abit more productive. I was thinking of buying next years books early (35% sale on osborne website right now, guessing due to summer) should i buy them and read through and do the activities slowly during the summer as a head start? only thing that puts me off is that by the time i start next years course in September they would have published a whole new years worth of books, would they have changed much from now until then? Thanks x


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    When I did technician year the thing I would have wanted to make a head start on was the project. I found that coming up to my final exams I was spending more time finishing the project than actually doing revision. You can always also get the books early but studying from Sept for Dec exam should be penty of time - you may just want to enjoy having a break from study altogether and then attack it with a fresh head in September.
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    I sort of want to get it out the way! is there anyway i can study at home without being with a training provider and then just pay them when i want to sit an exam? :D
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    Congratulations on completing level 3 !

    I'm also just starting out on level 4 - I'm a distance learner though

    I'd say yes - you can totally study some of the units yourself. There was a thread about this recently - I *think* the outcome of the discussion was you have to be registered with a training provider with the AAT - but this could just be the centre code of the centre you plan to take your assessments at. I'm not quite sure how it would work in terms of "the project" though.... you'd probably have to pay for that unit at least with an actual provider.

    Just a quick note regarding books - I was going to buy some via alibris earlier in the week (cause they are about £8 currently) but then I realised that some of the books are only valid for the 2010/11 sittings (the tax ones in particular) I think that there is a new edition of FNST due out also - you might want to check that the edition you are thinking of buying has all the info you need for 11/12 exam sittings - I very nearly got caught out :)

    Good luck and let us know how you get on !
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