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Hi Sorry if this is a bit of a rant.

One of my clients has paid in error his PAYE to his Corporation tax.

I called and they confirmed that they had recieved his P35 and I asked why there wasn't notificatication that his payment has missing, they told I had to call a different number 0845 366 7816 to find out.

My client informed me that they had the incorrect address for him only house number by 10 digits.

Finally got through after 45 mins and they refused to talk to me even though I am an agent for him because I could not confirm the last letter he had received from them or his landline as only uses a mobile. Even though I had all the other info.

Yes client made a mistake but he has written to them to change his address on numerous occasions and doesn't receive a response. It is just so frustrating especially as there is going to be a fine.

What is the best action now. Do I write from myself the agent or draft a letter from the client? Is there anyway I can demand a response? How do I ensure that the address is changed correctly

The client is paying the paye again today.

Sorry just so frustrated that I have wasted an hour of my life.


  • Rachel
    Rachel Registered Posts: 348 Dedicated contributor 🦉
    Forgot to say on online PAYE the PAYE about your client just errors so I think there is something wrong with the account.
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