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Hi All

I've just signed up for BPP's online classroom to do the units that I haven't finished.

I was just wondering is anyone else doing their studies this way and could offer some advice. Not started it yet as still waiting for my materials to come through but just wanted to know what I'm letting myself in for as I've always studied via distance learning.



  • iskcel
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    I have studied level 4 using BPP Online Learning. I started level 4 in February and am about to take my last unit in two weeks - so the process cant be that bad!!

    The only few things I would say is that don't expect a response from the tutors (I seem to have found myself answering ALOT of questions for other users as the tutors havn't responded). I have complained about this several times to BPP and I know alot of the others users have as well.
    Having said this the learning material is fantastic for keeping you on track as its very easy to monitor what stages you are expected to complete each week. I found this very handy during my first level 4 unit as I was able to see how well I was doing and if I was keeping on top of the studying they were expecting me to do.
    I have found it useful that even though the courses have a guidance of weeks for it to take to complete you can complete them as quick as you want.

    I have also found it useful to be able to hear and watch someone explaining the lecture examples rather than just reading a book and loosing concentration!!

    All in all I would give it a huge thumbs up (unless you are wanting tutor support) but it has worked for me, I find it hard to just study from looking a a book and with young children I cant go to a classroom course so the BPP Online Learning has been an ideal solution.

    I hope everything goes well for you and you enjoy the Online Learning Course.
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