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Has anyone taken the PEAF CBA for the new standards? Was it as quick and easy as the practice assessment?

I have the exam on Monday and am sitting here with literally hundreds of pages of notes and I really don't know how in-depth I need to revise.


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    I came out the exam thinking I had failed as it was nothing like the practise exam there were the easy questions asking what ethics principle the situation was. However, there seemed to be a lot on the engagement letter and record holding etc which is not really what I was prepared for since it was such a small area in the tuition.

    The thing that I have found with CBA's so far is there are at least 5 questions in them which you will have never seen or have practised before.
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    Thanks for replying, I'll make sure I read through those sections again tomorrow!
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    It was nothing like the practice exam. Which was easy. Alot of my class failed it and are retaking it, some have even failed it twice. I passed first time, but I must admit I noticed that they had reworded alot of the questions to sound VERY similar but with a different answer. (Like trick ones, i recon alot of my class didnt notice this tbh.) The whole revision I did for this CBA was the read through the practice exam twice. Alot of it is common sense imo, and rewording the question. Good Luck
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