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I completed and qualified as MAAT approx 2009.

I have been doing various management accounting roles since.
I want to a) improve and expand my skills, and b) move towards doing small business accounts / tax returns etc.

Firstly I thought of simply working through my syllabus, reworking old papers etc - to get going again - but rules etc change all the time.

Does anyone have any ideas of how I can re-learn / update my skills knowledge???

eg - should I just get some more recent study material from BBP / Kaplan etc or will I always be playing catch up?
Tollys tax guide ( dont know if thats the correct spelling) is good of course but sometimes I could do with more explanation.

I am working under a chartered accountant, but she hasn't time to 're-train me'



  • Paul C
    Paul C Registered Posts: 193 ? ? ?
    People highly praise ATT. What about volunteering as a Treasurer for a local charity or a change of role or job - management accounting can be very varied.
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