New to Technician Level...What options to choose

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Hi Everyone,

Hope your all well? I have just passed my final exam at level 3 and will start level 4 in September. I know I have to make a decision soon as to whether to do Business Tax or Cash Management as I have chosen to do personal tax as I really hate the thought of audit. Is anyone doing business tax or cash management at the moment or know what the two involve? I woul love any advice/feedback so I can make a decision.

Thanks in advance

Steph x


  • staceylou
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    suppose it depends really if you prefer to take an exam or not and also whether you work in practice or industry i did both tax's as they benefit my job!! and i personally found business tax very interesting and nice to learn!!! (sorry i know im making myself sound sad!!!)
  • stephleedz
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    No not at all. It's actually good to know. I am not in an accounting position although work are paying for my course. I have been told that by doing personal and business tax there will be some overlap which would be nice and as I am looking to go onto ACCA I will be exempt from my first 3 exams...also a bonus!!!

  • AAT Level 3
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    To do ACA you have to sit:

    Personal Tax
    Business Tax
    Financial Statements
    External Audit
    Financial Performance

    I'm not sure about ACCA.
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