Online Budgeting Practice CBT 1

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In section 1.2 (b)

The question is

The quarterly production requirements for product L are shown below.

15% of production fails the quality checks and must be scrapped.

How many items of product L must be manufactured to allow for waste?

Required Units
Month 1 = 72,000 *100/85 = 84,706
Month 2 = 90,000 *100/85 = 105,882
Month 3 = 81,000 *100/85 = 95,294

The correct answers are
Month 1 = 80,000
Month 2 = 100,000
Month 3 = 90,000

The percentage is WRONG and should be calculated with 10%

I have emailed AAT expressing my concerns that students may have failed CBT's because of technical errors in the data supplied.


  • SandyHood
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    If you use this link The question 1.2B on page 8 states 10%

    If you use this link to the secure assess website Question 1.2B states 15%.

    JohnC your email will hopefully enable changes that will help future students when they check their attempts against model answers.
    [email protected]
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    I am so glad you posted this as I have my exam tomorrow and I was getting fed up with that one.
  • JohnC
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    Just received this from the AAT regarding this practice assessment,

    Dear John,
    My colleague Jahed in the membership support team passed your query on to me as I work closely with the assessment content.
    Following similar feedback to your own, the practice materials have been updated and if you check the AAT website, the online version of the practice CBT 1 will now read ‘10% of production’ in the question wording.
    I am sorry that this issue caused confusion.
    Do let me know if you have any further questions.

    Julia Buchanan
    Computer-based Assessment Editor
    Assessments Team
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