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I am starting level 4 in september. I am going to be doing personnal and Business tax and my 2 options and wanted to know what the best book would be to look at to give me a head start?




  • pirate
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    Hi Steph

    I had Osbourne books. They were excellent. I also had the BPP books for the extra revision but found the osbourne books much clearer and went into more depth.

    The BPP passcards are excellent for summarising everything you need to know

  • stephleedz
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    Thank you very much for this advice

  • Paisley
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    I also like the Osborne textbooks. Just a thought... if you're buying before your course starts you should check you have the right tax year for your exams. Happy studying!
  • uknitty
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    Yeah I looked on Alibris the other day because they had Osbornce QCF books really cheap. I then realised that they were only valid for exams up until June 2011.

    That said, I've only just discovered Alibris, and they do seem to be much cheaper than amazon for AAT and related books.

    Anyone know when the versions for 2011/12 are likely to be available ?

    I ETA - I'm answering my own questions again ! The Osborne books website seems to indicate that the version of the tax books published in 2010 i.e. the first publication for QCF will be valid for examination until May 2012
  • pirate
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    Hey Uknitty,

    its all gone a bit wierd.
    When I did them the books were valid for a calender year (jan - dec)
    but last year they extended last years books (based on financial Act 2009 for exams in 2010) up until September this year.
    after this it will be Finance Act 2010 that will be examined, until May 2012

    see this link,%20VAT%20rates%20and%20adoption%20of%20International%20financial%20reporting%20standards%20_IFRS_%20terminology.pdf?ITEM_ENT_ID=146219&COLLSPEC_ENT_ID=187
    So if you are taking an exam before Sept it will be FA 2009 after that it will be FA 2010 then in May 2012 it will be FA 2011.
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