Where has professionalism gone?????

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Just going to have a quick rant about recruitment agencies and their professionalism!!

One booked an appointment with me and was supposed to email and confirm - then never did, but then rang me to book another appointment saying she hadn't realised that we had booked the first - bad enough - but then rang me again to cancel that appointment and wanted to reschedule for a third time!!! Needless to say I haven't got back to her!

Another one talked to me over the phone about a job I had applied for and said that her client didn't want someone who needed "hand holding" - the cheek!!! (Just want to say I have completed Level 2 and am on Level 3 and have done some form of basic accounts for 5yrs)
Anyway, I got a phone call from the same woman on Tuesday saying she would really like to see me and even that as her recruitment agency was a far distance away she would meet me half way for a coffee - so an appointment was scheduled for this morning. Then I get a phone call from her this morning (would admit it was first thing - before 08:00) to say she had got a cough and wouoldn't be able to meet me because she was coughing through sentences!!

Now surely, if you have an appoinment booked wouoldn't you just dose yourself up, go anyway, and apologise whilst you are there?? She also knew the only reason I could meet her today was I am on holiday this week.

In my day (and I am only 33) you just dosed yourself up and went out or if you had double booked yourself for some reason you would get a colleague to meet someone instead - shame it doesn't seem to be like that now!!!

Rant over--sorry!!


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    agency now they have too many choices so they can mess about with job seeker specially accountant average 100 applicants per job
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