Accounting for product sourcing + commission

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My company are buying some items of furniture on behalf of a Client. We will be charging a 10% commission on top for sourcing the furniture. Having not done this before, I want to double-check what I think is the correct treatment. My brain is going in circles!

Do I treat the furniture as a disbursement (charge client Gross cost), and then charge the commission+VAT? Or charge client furniture net cost + commission fee, and then + VAT on the subtotal?

Thank you in advance for your help.


  • Dcollins
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    You can check the correct treatment here

    Hope that helps.
  • MamboMouse
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    Thank you so much for that link. That's exactly what I thought, but my boss disagreed with me so I started to doubt myself & needed back-up. At least I can direct him to HMRC when he tries to argue with me again (boss=architect, me=MAAT - who do you suppose is more likely to know how to treat it?!) Shuh!
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