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Hi guys

I am really in two minds as to whether to continue studying after AAT. I have heard that once you start a professional qualification AAT is a doddle in comparison. I had to resit the full final year of AAT and I am now close to completion (thank god). I am now really stuck what to do as I keep thinking that if I was struggling with AAT how will I cope with CIMA/ACCA. Where I work, the position is there for me to move up into if I go on to complete a professional qualification and my boss has told me he would like me to do it. My job isn't under threat but it's the difference between being a standard worker earning not brilliant money or being high up and progressing within the company on much better money. It's a tough choice :( I really haven't liked level 4 AAT and I just wonder if I can get myself to carry on. I have also heard that there are a lot of written questions with the professional exams and I really dislike writing!

Is anyone else in a similar position to myself and if so what are your thoughts on what to do next? I mean I could always give it a go and see how I get on but I'm one of these people who doesn't like starting something and not finishing it.


  • AAT Level 3
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    AAT is a professional qualification and is pretty tough in itself. However, I would reccommend moving on to study something else if you are going to stay in the same profession. You will be limiting your career prospects otherwise.

    I totally get what you are saying I am doing Level 3 at the moment and I second guess whether I am doing the right thing all the time but I am taking it one exam at a time and hoping for the best.
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    Hi Colin

    I would definetly give the next level a go. If you try and do not suceed, at least you will have had a go.

    But if you do not try - you could seriously regret it later on.

  • colin88
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    thanks for your advice :) i think i will give it a shot and as you say if i do not succeed at least i've given it a shot which is all you can do
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