Any student members got ML via HMRC

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hi there

has anyone as a student member got their MLR from the HMRC.

if so do you need to provide them with a written policy on MLR and your procedures.

Its only myself at the moment and dont really want to ask the HMRC for guidance atthe moment in case it flags something up so want to be sure I have the stuff in place ready for when I apply.

I am almost a full member but it may end up being end of sept/oct due to the change of standards and the delay in posting my results and so on. so I am setting up now to get the experience and so on to apply for MIP

btw I am getting total supervison in what I am doing so I wont be doing anything without it being seen first



  • annefreeman
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    I made the mistake of contacting HMRC asking them for guidance for in the future when I go into paid book keeping work. They've now sent me a really sharp, abrupt letter demanding to know why I've not completed the application form and sent it to them! Other than the fact I'm not actually doing book keeping work yet, I've no idea why I've not done it :)
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