Sandy's answer attempts: PEV J11 and MAC J11

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If you send me an email with the following subject lines I will send you an email with a PDF attachment of my hand-written answer to the appropriate exam:

Now a plea for charity:-

My son is Mark Mayer. He has a form of Cerebral Palsy called Worster Drought Syndrome. WDS affects speech and eating. He is also Hard of Hearing and has to use Hearing aids. He has a wheelchair that has to use as he can not walk long distances.

Mark has become chairperson of the Worster Drought Syndrome Support Group. This organisation supports children and adults with WDS.

Each year the group hold a family day where the children, parents and people who have WDS can meet up and share their experiences. The day gives a great support to all the WDS suffers but relies on donations to enable it to go ahead.

If you find my answers help, or wish to show appreciation of any support I’ve given you, please consider making a donation to the Worster Drought Syndrome Support Group;
Alternatively, donations can be made by texting WSS80 and your amount to 70070 (but this method cannot be gift-aided)

Thank you
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