Level 3 Complete !

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Just got word that my Unit 15 (old standards) CMCC has been marked competent and just needs to go through IV before being added to my statment of acheivement. This means I've completed level 3 *dances* and by default got my first unit at level 4 signed off. I can breathe a sigh of relief at last because this unit has been hanging over me since April.

To "celebrate" I've booked to sit FNST on 5th August. Oh and there may be some wine over at my friends house later - only the one glass though since having my daugher in November I have somehow become a complete lightweight who will fall asleep after more than 1 glass.

I'm on track to get level 4 completed early next year, I've also secured 2 more interviews for accounts assistant roles so hopefully I can also get my work experience done at the same time as level 4 and be an MAAT by this time next year.


  • Jo Clark
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    Congratulations uknitty!

    You'll do just fine with FNST.

    Best wishes.

    ~ An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest ~
    Benjamin Franklin
  • oli
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    Congratulations Uknitty :-)
  • geek84
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    Congratulations on passing your exams uknitty.

    The feeling is great, isn't it! I know because I am on level 3 and feel a sigh of relief everytime I pass a module. Are you studying via distance learning?
  • Amie1977
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