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I have been approached by a potential new client who has only recently started trading. He is a yacht master and works abroad a lot (up to 3 months at a time) and when he is abroad he lives on his boat but from the information he has provided I understand he is still classed as resident in the UK.

He has recently done some work in Greece and he has been asked to provide them with form A1 to prove that he is being taxed in the UK but I don't think this form is relevant.

Can anyone advise? Is there anything he needs to provide them with to prove he is being taxed on his worldwide income in the UK?

Am I correct in saying that as he is resident his worldwide income goes on his tax return and is taxed in the UK and he still has to pay class 2 nic? Will some countries still deduct their own rate of tax from his income?

Many thanks


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    Write to HMRC and request a Certificate of Tax Residency. If you tell them which country it is for they will even produce in that language.

    I suspect if a certificate is requested but not produced then they will withhold tax on the payment.
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    Just to add, in my experience, the Greeks can be particularly strict on these things so yes, I would expect them to withhold tax unless you produce exactly what they ask for!
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    Yep the Greek Government is a bit short of cash!
  • Gem7321
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    Thank you very much!
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