Any other MIP's had this experience?

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Client has books done. After exploring every available avenue of er.... tax mitigation (yes, that's the one!) he simply has to pay tax.

Client then acts like you just simply haven't done the job properly / don't really know what you're doing (this particularly applies to the more younger members).

Client then go elsewhere where he will get "proper advice" and pays a fortune in doing so.

Client then finds out down the line that the "tax expert" effectively did the same job as you but charged a lot more and was not available anywhere near as much as you.

Client then has tail between his sorry legs.

Ok, so it's a natural process of the market, maybe. And I have noticed it more and more with my London based clients too. I'm from Up North so perhaps that gives me an automatic disadvantage?


  • Monsoon
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    I've not had this in 7 years of practice, but it doesn't surprise me that the odd few would do this. I don't think location plays much part in it (I wouldn't have thought!).

    So, are you taking him back?!
  • stefanboro
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    Like an unruly child who ran away from home and then ran straight right back he will behave himself from now on - well, that's my logic!
  • coojee
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    stefanboro wrote: »
    Like an unruly child who ran away from home and then ran straight right back he will behave himself from now on - well, that's my logic!

    I hope your fees have gone up in the meantime :-)

    "Well that's great that you want to come back to me but I'm afraid since you've been away my fees have increased by x %. I've discovered that some clients don't think I'm up to the job if I don't charge them shed loads of money"
  • Guest
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    I have never known that in 20 years.
    I guess the client is more humble in coming back than you accepting them back. But I would only take back dependant on other circumstances.
    How much tax are we talking; is it specialised, if they were presented with a £50k tax bill and went for specialist advice to confirm what you told them I would take back, if it’s a £1,000 fee and just didn’t like the tax of a few grand, well.... they can find someone else, but we’re in a position to be selective to some extent.
  • AK002
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    As long as he paid you for the first set of work who cares? He's gone now back so no difference.

    The good thing is now he knows you are good and will no doubt become a loyal client.. may even bring in recommendations ;)!
  • mc25
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    At least he has come back after realising you are good at you job too. I had this experience, but this time client was going from one accountant to the other, every time he goes to the new accountant, he somehow finds more invoices etc.. which were missed from the the previous year or comes up with a huge story calling the old accountant and all sort, so new accountant does the job, client not happy, goes to the next accountant do exactly the same, client not happy not sure what is happening now as this that a while back now. Good luck anyway.
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