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Can anyone help me, aat have asked for the following info "Please provide your CPD plans for the duration of your forthcoming licence period, 2011 to 2012". I have been waiting almost six wks for my licence and they have now asked for this and my question is as follows: How do I document my CPD for the coming 12 months when the seminars are only listed for July and previously, any help would be appreciated as I dont want them to come back again with more questions, thanks


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    I don't think you have to have concrete plans like x seminar on y date. You just need to show in the CPD cycle that you will be picking various subjects, what areas you need to pick up on etc. You need to show what your plans are in principle; it doesn't matter if you aren't booked on courses for the next 12 months.

    CPD isn't just seminars, it's all sorts of things.
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    List every service you'll have on your licence. Then write what you intend to learn, look into, brush up on, or keep up-to-date with. Then note how you'll acheive the learning, which doen't have to be seminars or workshops. Have a look at the CPD section of the AAT website for information.

    Set up a spreadsheet or Word document now, because you'll need to do the same thing every 6 months as a MIP.

    It's really not as daunting as it first appears.

    Good luck.
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    thanks very much guys, submitted the info and AAT have advised my licence has been approved, yeah!
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