Thank you to the AAT forum

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I hope it is OK to post this just to say a big thank you to this forum and to Jenni.

I refer to this post made here by Jenni

From this we have now recruited two apprentices to join our Apprentice Scheme aimed at part qualified AAT members:

We have also recruited another AAT member to our Associate accountant programme.

This is really great news as I believe that AAT is a great background for our Associate accountants.

In fact please do keep watching news at :

I am expecting to be able to make a very important announcement ion September that will accelerate our growth considerable – which will be fantastic news for our current and any future accountants who want to join us.

In the mean time – thank you again to Jenni and this forum for finding us great people to join our ranks of those who want to start their own practice.

We still need (many) more accountants to join us - so please feel free to drop me a line.
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