Should I or shouldn't I go for Level 4 after completing Level 3

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Hi Everyone,

I have three more exams to go on Level 3, Spreadsheets, Ethics and Tax. Which I am happy to do. But would love other peoples views as I cant make up my mind what to do after this.

Should I stop at Level 3 or take the plunge and go for Level 4.

I have been told its really hard. I have put alot of time into level 3 and with five kids and a house to run this has been really hard at times but I've nearly done it.

Just need some advice from others that have taken the plunge to Level 4 or not which ever the case may be. :(



  • Rinske
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    I'd say if you enjoy accountancy and find a little bit of time, go for it. Keep in mind you can do it at your own pace if you would go for distance learning and there is no pressure to complete it that way. The only thing is that college often offers more comprehensive classes, which you might miss in distance learning. Distance learning is often a lonely choice, as you got fairly little help and you need to be motivated to do it on your own. I love it, as I can put my own time in and take my own path on what to complete when, but it's nice to have some feedback somewhere now and then.

    It all depends on what you want though! If you think you can do it, go for it. If you don't think you got the time free or the energy for it at the moment, then take a break, you can always come back to it later.

    It's easy for me to say you should find the time or that it's easy to study, but I haven't got 5 kids.
    And yes, it is a step up, but if you got a feel for accounts and you like to learn, it's doable and I sometimes got the feeling it's a bit overstated on how much harder it is then level 3 is.
  • guinea pig
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    Do you have to make a decision quickly? I would say concentrate on the last 3 exams, then have a short break. Are you studying via college? distance learning? I recently completed level 3, and am going to start level 4 at college in September, whilst working full time. I found level 3 challenging, and lost momentum during the summer break last year. So, to try and make next year easier, I am doing the ICAS project through the summer. If I can get that finished during the next month, then it will ease the pressure when the course re-starts.
    I first started studying for the AAT qualification 28 years ago! and gave up for family reasons - which was the right decision at the time. Following a career change 4 years ago, I am back in an accounts job, and am especially determined to finish this time!
    Good luck
  • Crazycat
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    Hi Rinske

    Thank you for your post. You said everything I was thinking. Just needed someone elses views. Thank you this has really helped me. I'm going to do it after a little break. I have really enjoyed studying my level 3, not looking forward to doing my Ethics. But thats the joys of studying.

  • Crazycat
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    Hi GP

    Thank you for your post. I have been studying my Level 3 via distance learning and even i too have found it challenging and have had lots of ups and downs with family issues, which has made it difficult. I'm going to finish Level 3 have a little break and a holiday if I can fit it in and then go for Level 4.

    Enjoy Level 4. I'm glad my mind is made up now xx
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