Turnover 700k, how much shell I charge?

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For the following services:

VAT Return
PAYE 6 staffs
Accounts Year End
1 Dir Tax Return

Please give me some idea.



  • Monsoon
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    Assuming from trial balance, in well kept and reconciled books, I would be looking at around £1000-1500 give or take for the year end work. Depends what industry really and whether there are loads and loads of small transactions to go through.

    Add £x per hour for bookkeeping if you're doing that too.

    Then a flat rate for a VAT return (whatever you normally charge)
    I'd charge £25 per payroll run for 6 employees.

    On £1500 and all of the above you could throw in the SA100 free, or charge whatever your flat rate is for a simple tax return.

    Hope that helps.

    Fee survey results coming soon!
  • Guest007
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    Rejected him

    Hello Monsson,

    Thank you very much for your guideline on price.

    First we agreed the price 1200/year but we rejected him later. He is not a man of words. And we are not comfortable working with him...

    Many thanks,
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